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Photoshop CS5選擇功能深度教程 Lynda com Photoshop CS5 Selections in Depth 英文版 DVD

LYNDA.COM出品的教程: Photoshop CS5: 選擇功能深度教程(Photoshop CS5: Selections in Depth)
主講:Jan Kabili

對於Photoshop使用者來說,最重要的技能之一就是,根據不同的工作挑選正確的選擇工具並有效地使用這些工具。在本教程當中,Jan Kabili深入講解了這部分內容,想讀者演示了運用選擇功能進行工作的最佳做法。 Jan講解了Photoshop的手動、自動選擇技巧,並示範講解瞭如何挑選最有效的圖像選擇方法。她還解釋了選擇功能與alpha通道之間的基本關係,並說明如何進行fine-tune選擇獲得預期的結果。
In Photoshop CS5: Selections in Depth, author Jan Kabili offers a comprehensive tour of Photoshop CS5's selection features. Selection options are the key to performing creative imaging tasks, such as isolating photo adjustments and making image composites. This course covers selection basics as well as the nuances of selections, including selecting hair, refining masks, saving and recalling selections, working in Quick Mask mode, and creating selections based on image properties, such as luminosity and color channels. Exercise files are included with the course.

Topics include:

* Understanding the when and why of making selections
* Combining and transforming selections
* Selecting fine detail with Refine Edge
* Capturing soft and hard edges in one selection
* Understanding the relationship of selections to masks
* Removing color fringe around selections
* Using the Marquee and Lasso tools
* Working with the Color Range command
* Selecting with the Pen tool and paths
* Making easy selections with the Quick Selection tool
* Working with Refine Mask
* Sharing selections between images