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Photoshop CS5 Web應用 英文版 CD

In Photoshop CS5 for the Web, author Jan Kabili shows a wide range of optimal uses for Photoshop in the web graphics workflow. This course shows the most efficient ways to optimize images so that they maintain quality and download quickly in a browser, the why and the how of image slicing, and practical techniques for designing web page layouts, page backgrounds, navigation bars, and buttons in Photoshop. Exercise files are included with the course.應用Jan Kabili 主講


Welcome 01:23
Using the exercise files 00:53
23:59 1. Customizing Photoshop for Web Work
Customizing a web workspace 05:52
Creating web shortcuts 05:41
Setting preferences for the web 04:24
Color managing web images 08:02
27:39 2. Working with Color
The decline of web-safe color 01:43
Selecting color in the Color Picker 04:54
Other color selection methods 05:19
Working with custom swatches 06:49
Choosing color themes with Kuler 01:51
Recoloring a web graphic 04:51
Copying color as hex value and HTML 02:12
50:31 3. Optimizing Images for the Web
Touring the Save for Web window 06:46
Understanding file types 06:14
Optimizing photos as JPEGs 10:40
Optimizing graphics as GIFs 09:11
Locking GIF colors 04:52
Optimizing graphics as PNGs 06:53
Adding copyright information 05:55
26:42 4. Making Web Backgrounds
Design considerations for web backgrounds 03:53
Optimizing a background graphic 06:27
Making a vertical/horizontal background graphic 06:49
Building a seamless background graphic 04:33
Creating a full-screen background image 05:00
27:57 5. Optimizing Transparent Graphics
Understanding web graphic transparency 04:13
Working with transparent graphics on a solid background 05:05
Working with transparent graphics on a patterned background 04:44
Working with transparent graphics with shadows 04:18
Starting with a non-transparent graphic 03:03
Simulating transparency in a JPEG 06:34
21:50 6. Creating Navigation Graphics
Building a navigation bar 07:45
Creating web buttons with layer styles 04:21
Creating web buttons as Smart Objects 04:34
Creating web icons from custom shapes 05:10
22:32 7. Web Photo Preparation Workflow
Understanding the web photo workflow 07:52
Resizing a copy for the web 06:56
Sharpening output for the web 07:44
12:43 8. Mocking Up a Web Page
Determining page size 02:46
Creating a new file from scratch 04:43
Laying out a page structure 05:14
24:27 9. Slicing
Understanding slicing 03:08
Making user slices 05:40
Making layer-based slices 06:02
Optimizing and saving slices 09:37
30:02 10. Making Rollover Graphics
Understanding rollovers 02:11
Creating rollover graphics from styles and layer comps 07:08
Optimizing rollover graphics 06:44
Installing the rollover script 02:46
Using the rollover script 04:44
Creating rollover graphics from layers and layer comps 06:29
20:33 11. Animating
Creating frame-by-frame animation from layers 07:20
Tweening layer opacity 04:55
Tweening layer position and styles 03:48
Building simple animated GIF slideshows 04:30
35:13 12. Automating
Speeding image prep with the Image Processor 08:58
Making a gallery of online images 06:37
Using Zoomify to put high-res images online 04:23
Using datasets and variables with web graphics 10:21
Importing dataset values from a spreadsheet 04:54
32:47 13. Integrating with Other CS5 Applications
Integrating with Dreamweaver: Smart Objects 09:40
Integrating with Dreamweaver: Copy/Paste 03:48
Integrating with Fireworks 05:44
Integrating with Illustrator 06:09
Integrating with Flash 07:26
00:29 Conclusion
Goodbye 00:29